We are a company focused on software development, technology, outsourcing and consulting to help our clients gain access to new technologies. We have been working for the Oil & Gas Industry for more than 20 years.




We provide customized products for our clients. Every step within the life cycle of a system is developed assuring product quality is sustained all throughout the process. We can use different technologies based on our clients’ needs.


We have a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing support and maintenance, including a Help Desk for subscribed clients, making sure that there is quick and efficient support available when events come up and Preventive Maintenance tasks set up to keep them from happening.

Oil & Gas

We develop software for the Oil & Gas Industry. We provide tools for Transport Management and Demobilization, Transport and Mobilization (DTM); Preventive and Corrective Maintenance; Integrated Management; Quality, Safety and Environment Management; Well Injection Management; and Oil Operations Management.


Process Improvement. Access to solutions provided by experts focused on the task in progress. Predetermined Task Costs. Client company focuses on its key operation.



Transport and DTM Management aimed at the Oil & Gas Industry

Time and Cost Management used both for the company vehicle fleet and outsourced vehicles (general load carriers).

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Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Detailed management of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance tasks for company assets. Mainly targeted for Oil & Gas Industry companies.

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Integrated Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

It provides a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) using indicators which reflect the company performance in Finances, Economy, Operations and General Quality. It provides Integrated Management for the so-called “Drilling Rig Companies”.

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Quality, Safety and Environment Management

Application used to manage processes under certain standards, like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001.

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Oil Well Injection Management

Integrated Management for Oil Well Injection Operations. It is aimed at satisfying the needs of companies providing fluid injection services.

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Oil Operations Management

Operations Management for Drilling, Workover and Pulling rigs, from registering Operations parts up to collecting tool-use time data.

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Our software development processes are certified under ISO 9001:2015. We are certified as a Company from Neuquén belonging to the Mining and Hydrocarbon Sector.

EXIMO SA. Quality Policy


At eXimo, we offer our clients the possibility of purchasing our product suite through our local Partners, i.e., consultants or companies having a vast experience in the implementation of this type of products.

When they purchase our solutions through our partners, clients benefit from a consulting, training and support service for the local implementation, as well the comprehensive support from eXimo to develop customized solutions.

At eXimo, we know that expanding our global network is relevant and valuable, so we will keep on seeking and selecting partners around the world.

These partners can enjoy product demos and receive updated digital brochures, direct consulting services provided by eXimo professionals and great discounts in the products they sell.


These are the companies that trust in our services.



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